Becky came to us in December of 2008 from Dolbia Labradors in Poland
We were looking for a black male to bring into our program but once we saw Becky we
knew we had to have her.  She was bred to Weathertop Casey Jones before before coming
from Poland and that breeding brought us Puddle.  We will always be grateful to Irmina from Dolbia Labradors
for sharing this beautiful girl with us. 

Becky whelped her "Polish" litter on Jan. 13, 2009 and one week later
she graciously accepted a litter of foster puppies without hesitation.  She nurse her litter of 3 and also
raised a litter of 7 lab crosses that lost their mother just hours after they were born.
Her ease and willingness to care for puppies that were not her own was rewarding for us and
affirmed that she had become one of the clan at Bralex.
We have been successful in the past with foster puppies so Becky's willingness to care
for a litter not her own showed us all her true labrador personality.