Service Dogs

Our diamonds in the "ruff"

Because of the number of dogs we are now
producing to do service work we have decided these
great dogs deserve a place of honor


2002 SARDAA Members

  Top Row - Steve Moore, Michelle Limoges & RETTA, Shannon Porter
   Middle Row - Darrell Dancause & BEN, Imgrid Bredt & HANNAH, 
Alison O'Keefe & MERLIN, Theresa Hills & TURK
    Bottom Row - Kevin George & SHAKA, Terray Moore & K'LA
Jenny Bronicheski & SPENCER,
Mary Ann Warren & HILL
© Copyright 2001 by Search and Rescue Dog Association of Alberta


"I was sure proud of him, he was the youngest dog testing 
and he did a great job.  I thought I would give you the 
progress report. I am told, that getting this
far was the easy part ,now comes the real hard work. 
Well, you could have fooled me."

Jenny & Spencer

photo by Tanya Richens
click on photo to see more of Tanya's work 
or email Tanya at tanya@candidcaninephotos.com

Bralex Labradors is extremely
pleased to share one of the newest accomplishment of 
National Service Dogs.

a.k.a. Bralex's Parting of the Waves
Moses is working for a young boy with Autism.
He was produced by Bralex Labradors,
and trained by National Service Dogs.

Photos taken at the graduation ceremony, May 4, 2002, for the 2001 graduating class
from N.S.D.  National had 13 dogs graduate from their amazing program last year.
It is because of their hard work, that 13 peoples lives 
have been enriched by these wonderful animals.
Way to go N.S.D. we are so proud to work with this program.

Bralex's Parting of the Waves a.k.a. Moses graduated from NSD.  We recognize that Moses and many others deserve to be honored by their own accomplishments. With the trainer's ability to see,  work with and expand upon the inherited quality of these special dogs, NSD has sharpened the qualities we strive
to produce in our breeding program.

After visiting with Moses and his new friend, Chris reported that Moses is now riding the bus with his companion to school everyday.  He is with his friend all day and has even been hitting the ski hills on Friday afternoons. 
Moses owner writes
 "He is 74 pounds and the vet just fell in love with
him.  She was so excited that he was a service dog. " 
"Moses sleeps with ******* on his bed every night and we try to go for walks every night as well.  He has a huge back yard to run around in when his jacket's not on and our other dog  Emma (black lab) and Moses are like brother and sister.......they are very close.


Though many of the puppies that leave Bralex do not
go on to become rescue dogs or working dogs all of them do go on to be the light in peoples eyes.
We have Canadian Champions, we have Companion Dog Titles, we have Canine Good Citizen Titles and
Working Certificates,
and the best of all we have the honourable keep you feet warm on a cold night title.
We are proud to say all of the labs ever produced by
Bralex have achieved this last title will little or no effort.  A big hurray for all the working dogs in the world.  Enriching the lives of the people they love.

At the end of the day we DO count titles.

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